Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values

The mission of the Office of the County Executive is to ensure that all county activities are geared toward efficiency, economy, and maximum service effectiveness. To guide the County toward this vision, it is the mission of the Office of the County Executive to ensure administration of county affairs on behalf of the Board of Supervisors and their constituents.​ 

​Core Purpose​

A core purpose is a statement that defines our organization's reason for being.

Enriching Communities to Thrive


A vision is a compelling conceptual image of the desired future.
This statement describes “what we want to be.”

​We are a Premier​, Trusted Employer and Organization, Serving Our Communities with Transparency, Courage and Innovation


A mission statement describes what we do every day for the community.

Improve residents’ quality of life by providing cost-effective public services while fostering economic health, regional cooperation and stewardship of community assets.


These values are the essential and enduring tenets​ of the County of Sacramento.

These guiding principles govern the way we make and carry out our decisions.

Our Values for Sacramento County are:

  • ​Principled, by that we mean we act with honesty and integrity, earning and maintaining trust.
  • Respect, by that we mean we listen and give voice to others and treat them with compassion, empathy and dignity.
  • Innovation, by that we mean we encourage creativity, look for and implement improvements, stretching our comfort zones.
  • Diversity and Inclusion, by that we mean we are committed to having a diverse workforce reflective of our community; we embrace differences in people, skills, knowledge, experiences and opinions and practice inclusive decision-making, collaboration and teamwork.
  • Excellence, by that we mean we are committed to investing in employees, being transparent, delivering high quality, responsive services.