​​​​​​David Villanueva, County ExecutiveDavid Villanueva, County Executive​

​Office of the County ​​Executive

The County Executive position was established in the 1933 Charter for Sacramento County. As the chief executive officer, the County Executive is responsible to the Board of Supervisors for planning, organizing, directing, controlling, and coordinating county activities. This includes serving in an advisory capacity to the Board of Supervisors with respect to the functions of officials and boards not under the direct jurisdiction ​or control of the County Executive. The functions and activities of the ​County Executive are mandated by the County Charter.

The County Executive is also responsible for planning, organizing, directing and coordinating County activities. Sacramento County has more than 30 ​departments, offices and agencies that provide services to Sacramento County residents.

​Within the County Executive Office are the offices of:


In 1972, an amendment to the County Charter was implemented to organize the County on an agency basis for more effective administration of functions for which the County Executive is responsible to the Board of Supervisors. Approved by the electorate, the amendment established agency heads to oversee specified​ County departments.

The County Executive is assist​ed by a cabinet comprised of agency heads and office directors, including:


David Villanueva​, County Executive